Has 2020 left you a bit unsure?

I know these times are pretty uncertain, and no one can say 100% what tomorrow will bring. Let's take it one day at a time. To answer your question, yes! I am still shooting. I am taking as many pre-cautions in-studio, in-home and outdoors as I possibly can. I have 200mm lenses for outdoor sessions to keep a healthy distance between us, a sweet new little sanitation station in-studio, and masks for all indoor sessions. Extra pre-cautions are also being implemented especially if concerns are expressed if you have someone who is higher risk in you family, or if we're capturing newborn/maternity photos.

Unfortunately, with allergy season upon us, I have already had to re-schedule sessions just to make sure everyone is safe. You really cannot ever be too careful.

So maybe you're on the fence about getting your photos updated because 2020 is so uncertain. I think now is the time more than ever. History is going down. This is a time that will be talked about in the history books. If 2020 hasn't taught us a thing, it's that life is too precious. Let that sink in, okay? And then let's chat!