How you can Make an informed decision?

So I know this is probably the first time you've planned a wedding, and if not, maybe it's been awhile! It's so important to make sure you're hiring your Wedding Photographer to allow enough time to capture your wedding day. It can be overwhelming looking at the big picture, especially since it's usually pretty far away. No worries, I will help you create the perfect wedding day timeline, so you can really soak up all the magic on your wedding day! I definitely get a lot of questions around how long everything takes. In my experience, in most cases it depends, however, it's important to know the more informed you are the better! The photos that are delivered after your wedding day should really capture and embrace all the love that you were surrounded by, but also help tell the story of the all the details that can be easily forgotten about!

In order to truly honor your special day, it's so important to give all the love attention that is needed. In most cases having a full 10 hours of wedding day coverage is the best option. This literally gives you time to start your photos at the beginning of your day, when you're first getting hair and makeup done, fast forward to the end of the day after the first dances are wrapping up, guests are allowed to join in the celebration and dance! This allows you and your husband to relax, and to enjoy the excitement leading up to the exchange of your vows, and your images can truly evolve and unfold in your final photos. Having 10 hours of wedding day coverage will also allow more time for breaks. Yes I know, you're paying me, why in the world does she need so many breaks? It's actually not for me--it's for you! And this is where the magic sauce happens. The breaks that you give yourself to relax and enjoy the day, the happier, more excited you'll be. I also see it happen a lot, that as the center of attention we forget to feed ourselves and drink water, this will obviously affect your mood on your wedding day, and no one wants a hangry bride.

Not one package may fit the next couple the same, but there are very few times where you should be booking a six hour wedding collection, unless you are eloping, or having a very intimate micro wedding without a big party. Depending on the size of the party, we can always add on some additional wedding day coverage that way we can get you the perfect wedding day collection that fits your needs.

Ready to book a consultation? 2021 and 2022 weddings are filling up quickly. If you haven't already send me an inquiry, and we'll get that whole process going, so we can connect! I can't wait!