Planning a wedding....

Planning a wedding is like having a second job in and of itself, and you're probably having to learn it on the fly. Let's not forget it is likely that this is the first time you've planned a wedding, so I wanted to take the guess work out of it! I get these questions asked a lot so be ready to take some notes or save this for later if you're not quite there yet! So buckle up, grab a cup of joe and ENJOY!

Alright friends, I want to introduce you to Tara with Tara's Designs. I interviewed Tara to get you all the in's and out's of all things wedding stationery design, from custom invites, save the dates, menus and so much more! Tara serves the Omaha and Lincoln area, and has been in graphic design since 2005. She truly pours her heart and soul into her work for her couples, and is an excellent resource for the wedding industry!

When do you recommend to start working with a designer?

"When to start working with a designer can depend on if you are starting the process with save the dates or invitations. If starting with save the dates then I would suggest 10-12 months before your wedding. If starting with invitations I would suggest 4-6 months before your wedding."

How Soon Before your wedding do you recommend sending out save the dates? Invites too?

"I recommend sending out save the dates 6-9 months before your wedding. If you are having a destination wedding or if more of your guests are traveling you can send them up to one year before your wedding, but I don't recommend sending more than a year in advance because that can get confusing if someone doesn't look at the year on the date. Invitations I recommend mailing 8 weeks before your wedding. Again, if a destination wedding I recommend sending sooner in case guests need to book a flight or hotel rooms, or maybe they want to make it into a vacation if you are getting married somewhere that is a popular vacation spot."

What are some things you recommend to couples?

"The biggest thing I stress to my clients is that it is their wedding and they should design invitations that look and feel like them, and maybe even tell a story about their relationship. Ordering custom stationery is an investment and therefore it should reflect them as a couple. I like to ask questions about how they met, what they do for a living, what they like to do together because some of these personal questions may spark an idea of something we can include in their design to personalize it even more."


"We start designing items for the day of the wedding about a month prior. Things like programs, menus, welcome signs, and signature drink signs can be finalized pretty easily at that time. Seating charts and place or escort cards are where we have to wait until about 2 weeks prior to the wedding sometimes to finalize those items because of late RSVPs or cancellations. My clients are typically local so most will pick up these items from me and are often working with a planner or designer to do setup for them on the day of their wedding. I have dropped off welcome signs and seating charts for clients if they are a mirror or acrylic and they don't want to risk breaking them."


"I would encourage couples to be true to themselves instead of following trends. Trends are fun and look great, but does that trend really speak to who you are as a couple? If not, move on, find something that you truly like as a couple. You will enjoy your photos more years down the road!"

So there you have it! So if you're ahead of the game, just go ahead and set a reminder in your phone as to when you need to start working with a Stationery Designer. If you're behind, don't stress it. Just do yourself a favor and reach out to Tara now. She's there to help and won't make you feel bad if you're a bit behind. If you landed here, and haven't found your Wedding Photographer feel free to reach out to see if I still have your date available! Click the link here and send an inquiry!