don't stress about that backup plan though...

I just have to take a second to admire Lupe and Keegan's October Wedding for a hot minute! Planning all the details is so important when it comes to wedding planning. From your veil, jewelry, burette's, and jacket's, but also having a plan B if the weather doesn't go your way! This is not something to stress about, but just have in the back of your mind. No matter what happens, it's always best to lean into what the Universe throws at you! Just as an example, having an October Wedding doesn't always mean you're going to get lucky and have all the fall vibes. Y'all remember that horrendous snow storm from what, 1997 in Nebraska? Well maybe you're too young to remember that but that was in October! I know you've at least heard about it in the news! I was traveling home from Colorado the day that happened, and that was a TRIPPP! 


On a day like today when we're sitting in the middle of a blizzard, it just reminds me that even if you're planning a fall or even spring wedding, make sure to have a backup plan if you don't get your crisp fall day or beautiful blooming spring day that you planned! These two braved through 32 degree whether and sleet/snow mix on their wedding day! I have also photographed a snowy wedding on Cinco de Mayo! Nebraska doesn't play games so just have fun with it babe!