An intimate gathering place

Ultimately, are you looking for an intimate gathering place? For many of my clients, it's hard to be the center of attention, you're so used to serving other people it's hard to really put yourself out there in front of hundreds of people. Are you wanting something that feels almost like home, but at the same time it's not. Yeah, I get that feeling, because I've definitely been there. Take it from the girl who originally wanted an intimate backyard wedding, but sacrificed that all for a big church wedding. Now let's take a second to compromise. You can have the traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles while keeping it pretty darn intimate, you should check out Hidden Valley Golf Course. It's Lincoln's diamond in the rough. It's literally less than a mile outside of the city limits (at least it used to be when I was a kid). Oh hey, did I mention, I grew up across the street from Hidden Valley Golf Course? Yup, it's crazy how that works, but yes I did. I have watched the sun go up and down for nearly a decade in this area, so I know where all the perfect little spots are so we can get the best sunset photos there. Yes, sunset photos are my favorite, and will probably be your favorite too! If not, let's take a second to soak in the sunset vibes that these photos have. Okay, did I talk you into it yet? Mmmk, good.

Let's not forget about the staff that caters to you on your wedding day! They take such good care of you as you go about your wedding day--they really do deserve a round of applause at the end of the night.