While cutting costs may not seem that glamorous

While cutting costs may not seem that glamorous, having a realistic budget and doing your best to stick to that budget is essential. After all, you don't need to be starting your life together in debt. However, there may be things that it may be worth it to you to splurge on like a photographer and videographer. After all, these are the only tangible things that you'll take away from your wedding that will last a lifetime. That's why I've found a few ways that you can keep your costs lower in other areas that may not be as high of a priority to you and your fiancé.

  1. Find a venue where you can have your wedding ceremony and reception at one location. This is becoming far more common now too! You can cut transportation costs by hundred's if not thousand's.
  2. According to MegKathleen Designs, a Nebraska Florist, she recommends when it comes to the florals, focus on the big ticket items - those make much more of a statement than the small items like boutonnières and corsages. It’s nice to include people by having specific flowers for them, but they cost a lot for the impact that they make. Things like large arch arrangements or floral clouds will stand out more, and they can create fun backdrops for photos. Picking out a color scheme instead of specific flowers is also a great way to save. Your florist knows what is available/in season/market pricing, and they can help you save money/stay within your budget by choosing flowers based on color instead of type.
  3. Trimming down your guest list. Having 10 extra guests add up, and I'm guessing there are at least 10 guests that you could remove from your guest list. A single plate on average costs $27-$40/person. Just by trimming 10 guests alone, you could save anywhere between $270-$400. Look, I get it, your mom and your mother-in-law probably want to invite many of their work friends to come celebrate your wedding, along with your second cousins, who you've maybe met once. Setting proper expectations with your family by explaining it's important to you to stick to your budget will help them to understand why that is not something you want to do. It is your wedding, and you get the final say.
  4. Make your wedding a kid free wedding. I hear this all the time, and get asked a lot if this is tacky. It's not, and after all if your guests don't like it, they don't have to come. However, if this is not an option for you, ask your caterer if they have kid plates, they typically offer a smaller plate for less.
  5. Book your venue on a Friday. Most venues offer discounted rates since these days are not nearly as popular. This is very popular in my books because I was a Friday bride. Not necessarily for budget purposes, but because I originally wanted to get married on a Husker bi-week, and quickly found out that it was going to be drastically more challenging finding vendors as couples typically book bi-weeks out at least a year to two years in advance. This can save you hundreds if not thousands right there.
  6. When it comes to wedding invitations, direct your guests to RSVP on your wedding website rather than including self address envelopes to respond. Alone in postage, this can save you $58-$116, assuming you have 100-200 invites in 2022. Let's not forget the costs of the envelopes, RSVP's and extra weight in shipping to send invites and RSVP's. Conservatively, RSVP's and envelopes for the RSVP's could costs between $108.00-$216.00 for a set of 100-200.
  7. Order your wedding gown at least 8-10 months in advance. This may be extended now because of Covid delays. So check with your dress maker sooner rather than later to avoid rush fees.
  8. Hire a photographer with a 2nd shooter. Having a second photographer can make your wedding day run super efficiently so you don't have to book a full wedding day with your photographer. In the long yes, it costs more money, but it is cheaper than having one wedding photographer for a full 12 hour day. For example as of August 2023, my 6 hour wedding collection is $2,995 for one photographer. To make it a full day, you'd be paying an additional $1,800 to add on 6 hours, which would total to $4,795. The 8 hour wedding collection that I offer includes two photographers for $3,995. That's almost a $1,000 difference. The reason why, this makes sense, is because your photographer physically cannot be in two places at once. Having just one photographer will add on more time if they have to go get photos of the guys getting ready and potentially drive to a different location where the bridal suite is. It just makes the most sense to have one photographer with the groom/groomsmen and one photographer with the bride/bridesmaid.
  9. Candles, candles, candles! They add the romance factor and can cut costs on florals. Catch the big sales at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or find a local seller to save on candles.
  10. Have a buffet. This can cut your costs significantly with your caterer. Less staff is required, and typically more food is offered for less than a plated meal.
  11. According to Alison Smith with Lust for Life Events and Planning, she recommends renting vs. buying backdrops, votives, centerpieces, etc in the long run is actually cheaper than purchasing. Then you don't have to worry about what to do with them at the end of the night, and you aren't stuck with them having to resell items.
  12. Nicole with Nicole Reher Creative recommends when you're working with your stationery designer to stick with digitally printed invitations as opposed to foil + letterpress printing. Digitally printed items are printed with an inkjet printer, as opposed to being letter pressed which requires a custom metal plate stamp to create the impression. For signage, foam board is the most affordable option as opposed to expensive materials like acrylic. Also, add-on's like envelope addressing can get pretty pricey, so an inexpensive alternative is to use address labels.

If you have any other tips and tricks that are relevant to this post, drop them in the comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! If you're ready to learn more about the services we offer, send an inquiry through my homepage.