show the Glow

Can we all just agree that being pregnant, is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman's life. You do not feel like yourself 100% of the time, you are sharing your body with another human being, and your body has gone through some pretty big changes. Then you add into the mix taking photos of yourself during this time. Talk about brave!

Even for myself, photographing my body during this time can be sometimes a little intimidating. But don't you worry, it is time to show off your goddess self, and embrace the changes your body has done for you. I mean you've literally converted food into a baby, how cool?!

With a little help from me, we can style you into outfits that are perfect for your body. Go check out my client closet if you are needing some help. It's on the blog -->>

Not to mention you have that natural glow that truly speaks for itself. Now is the time while you're feeling energized to capture this beautiful moment in your life that will be changed forever. To be able to look back at this time five to ten years down the road with your child will be so meaningful to them, and the captivating stories you'll be able to tell them.

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