your 2022 guide for wedding planning

This may come as no surprise, but the last few years, have REALLY changed the Wedding Industry. Needless to say I'm SUPER happy to be exactly here in this moment, but there are some downfalls about the industry that has changed. When I first met one of my clients, she knew exactly what she wanted from her wedding photographer, and I was truly honored to be that person for the two of them. She hired me even before she was engaged, but she knew boyfriend was going to pop the question soon. From the sounds of it, their venue and date was already picked out and secured from the very beginning. Believe me when I say this, no matter how you plan for your wedding there is no wrong way of doing it! Thinking ahead, planning ahead, and getting in front of the ball will put you at a great advantage! Follow your intuition when wedding planning, all the books and advice helps, but only the two of you will know what is right for you.

With several hundreds if not thousands of weddings in Nebraska getting postponed or splitting the dates up in 2020, this made finding your wedding vendors even more difficult to book. This really threw a curve ball to everyone in the industry, and most importantly to the ones who were planning their wedding. The pandemic has also caused many hiccups in wedding planning along the way too. There have been shortages of staff, the craziness of the economy, problems with shipping (you see this a lot with florists), or a family member having symptoms you really never know what might pop up.

I am here to remind you that whatever happens is meant to happen though. My advice to you, as I've seen many couples planning their wedding amidst the pandemic, is to try not to take it all so seriously as you plan for your wedding because things will pop up. Having fun throughout the whole process is SUPER important because this is a super fun and exciting time in your life where you begin to make some begin decisions! I've seen life happen in the past few years, and being able to let changes roll off your back will make wedding planning go that much easier. As Gabby Bernstein always says, obstacles are just detours in the right direction. (Huge Gabby fan here in case you couldn't tell!)

What you can take away from this: It's totally okay to have BIG plans for your wedding, get excited for them and truly commit to having a good time planning. But seriously, try not to take it all so seriously because I've seen more and more things come up unexpected because of all the changes in our world. Be okay, with flexibility.