Don't worry, be [snap]py

Oh snap, don't worry! I can smell the worry oozing from you.

So you're worried that your kids are going to be a complete nightmare at our session. No worries, I have dealt with some of the most shy, scared, rowdy, and exhilarating children. I realize this is way easier said than done to try and just relax because I will handle the rest. The most you need to prepare them is where you're going and what we'll be doing.

As much as you think that you need to prepare your kids for our session, it's all about relaxing mom and dad. Because if I am being honest, it is mom and dad's vibes that will set the tone for your next family session. Your kids may be wild and crazy, but from experience it is best to let me handle the rest.

From the beginning when we are initially corresponding about setting up your session, I will ask you what it is that you enjoy to do as a family, and we will incorporate as much of that into our session, whether it's games, dancing or singing.

There is nothing like having a session where mom and dad are barking orders and the kids immediate recoil. Trust me, it's no fun for anyone.

So, let's just have fun with it. As soon as the pressure is off, that is where the magic begins. Trust me.

I promise you my children are probably worse than you're imaging, and some how I manage the negotiate with them to capture beautiful images that I am proud to hang in my house. Plus, I mean who doesn't love the candy they get at the end. ;)

I have a lot of tricks of my sleeve to make this session as much fun and relaxed as possible. You've just got to trust me on that one.

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