I've heard the stories

"I hired my sister or my uncle to take my photos for my wedding." "They had a camera and took our pictures." Yikes!! Let me stop you right there. Just because someone has a camera does not necessarily means they have the experience in taking your wedding photos. I have seen so many people regret this decision. As you know there really are do-overs. Yes you can renew your vows or do whatever the heck you want in the future, but for most people, no one ever really does that. And you cannot get your wedding day back!

The reason why I share this story with you is not to scare you, or to prepare you for regrets, but merely to share with you what you can do so this does not happen to you. It is so important to find the right photographer for you, whether that is with me (I really hope so!), or with another photographer, you need to make a decision that makes you happy and excited to get married! Literally, the best investment you can make for your wedding is with your photographer! It's so freaking important to find someone who you connect with, and who has experience in posing large crowds, lighting in all types of situations, and whose work inspires you!

My clients have been raving about the experience, even in the middle of a pandemic! So what are you waiting for, let's go!

Sunset wedding photos
Sunset wedding photos of bride and groom
Nebraska bride and groom