I have taken a vow for you

Have you ever played the game of Battleship, and feel like oh, crap. They're going to sink my ship? 

I know you have. No matter how competitive you might be, we have all felt that feeling? Undeniable fear that they're going to call B7 or D12. Yeah, I know you have.

Now, I want you to imagine that feeling that you feel in that moment. Bottle it up, and shake it.

You've gotten too busy to capture life, live in the moment, or to be present. These moments that you treasure the most with your family, your spouse or significant other, just disappear. Wowsas. 

I really don't mean to be dark, but what happens, when those moments are gone? Or they've escaped you? Disappear?

This would feel so heart-wrenching if you lost that moment. You can't use that remote the Adam Sandler does to rewind time (or in his case fast forward). 

My vow to you is to capture the fun, and the excitement. The love and the joy that brings your story to life. 

What's your story? We can tell it together!

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