Our story

Our story started well before Christa and Andrew even met. Christa has always been an artist at heart, but when she was little, she was not so fond of the camera. At least being in front of the lens. As a child, she always was the girl with the camera in her friend group, and even in high school she was on the Yearbook Staff. She has always had an eye for seeing the beauty, even in the most simple and mundane of moments. When Christa was in college, she didn't really know exactly where her journey was going to start as a photographer, but Christa knew deep down that she wanted to be creating art. She studied countless hours of art history, developed film in the dark room and learned how to display her work in a few local art galleries.

Throughout college, she was the friend that everyone just started asking to take pictures. From UNL Flagline portraits, family portraits and even weddings.

Then Christa met Andrew at Best Buy of all places, and well the rest is history! He was in Geek Squad and she was in Customer Service.

As Christa grew the photography business, she quickly realized that capturing video to help re-tell stories, was a crucial part of storytelling, which is how Andrew became involved in the mix. He had so much fun documenting the love stories that Christa captured, his love for filmmaking simply grew.

Over the years, they both slowly became softies for the simple, but yet beautiful stories that could be told through photo and video. While they are here for the beauty, the love, the heartfelt, they are also here for the heartache.

They have been so lucky to capture so many love stories, that their team has expanded, and they also teamed up with another local business--First Look Collective depending on your videography needs and budget.

Our team is here to help guide you through an experience of getting your photos taken and/or filmed based on what is most meaningful to you! Getting to know you on a personal level to help you feel at ease in your photographs so we can evoke an emotional story to be told for a lifetime. We literally live to capture the connections we create together, and we are also inspired by you! Yes, you!

From the beginning, all the way to the finished product. Christa will help you to style the apparel for your shoot, whether that's an engagement session or family session. We even have a small client closet for you (and the littles), depending on sizes.

If you're getting married, Christa will help take so much of the stress off of you, as she helps to build your wedding day timeline, so you can actual focus on living in the moment with your spouse, this way you can feel all the emotions of getting married, and not have to worry about the stress that comes with it. Together during our time together, we will tap into the sweet little moments, with music, games and dance. All this so we can deliver a beautifully curated gallery for you to cherish with your loved ones, so you can print your work of art in your homes and sit down with a box of popcorn to watch your films so you can look back on those most meaningful milestones so they can be cherished for a lifetime.

In Christa's free time, you can find her playing with her three littles, taking the badge of "Mom" a little bit too seriously at times, and going to Breckenridge as a family over their summers. She also is a part of the UNL Flagline Alumni and volunteers for No Footprint Too Small as a graphic artist.

Christa & Andrew's Family in Breckenridge taken by Christa Schiessl Photography a Photo + Video Team out of Lincoln, NE
Christa & Andrew's Family in Breckenridge taken by Christa Schiessl Photography a Photo + Video Team out of Lincoln, NE
Christa & Andrew's Family in Breckenridge taken by Christa Schiessl Photography a Photo + Video Team out of Lincoln, NE
Christa Schiessl's Family by Local Nomad Photography

Love notes

Maria A.

“"If you want a personable, laid back, fun, and professional photographer, book with Christa! We didn't feel fake or like mannequins. She has a way of letting you be yourself and capturing those memories."”

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