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have your story told like it's never been told before...

There is something so beautiful about capturing the raw emotions and unique love in a wedding! To come together, in front of friends and family to celebrate your undeniable love and burning flame is so charming. This is a time, when sparks fly and romance is fueled by the touch of an arm to your sweet embrace. This will be one of the biggest moments that you will do as you commit to one another in front of your closest loved ones. Sealing your commitment with a kiss and the promise of forever.

On your big day, let's capture your story from beginning to end. From the little moments while you interact together in a natural way, to the details of your hair, the food, the tablescape and your guests reactions. To ensure that all the moments are memorialized in your photographs, from getting ready, to your exchange of vows, the sweet smiles and moments of celebration with your partner, each session is curated to you and your day. In all the busyness that typically comes with getting married, these moments will be captured and delivered to you so you can relive the entire day! Despite how you will do everything you can to take in the day and remember the details, some of these moments you may have missed, and so much more! It is all these moments that you can look back at each anniversary, and you will have images that you can pass down for generations. So let's capture you and all of your loved ones in the finest moments. From a genuine laugh, accompanied by a soft kiss to the cheek. Your photographs should embody the vows that you exchange, and the connection you bring together. 


Wedding photo + video

Looking for bold, raw and authentic photos on your wedding day that encompasses your true emotions? You’re in the right spot! Offering both photo and video services so that your story can be retold for a lifetime. All collections include engagement sesh.

Starting at $3,495-$7,495


He put a freaking ring on it! I'm right there with you doing a little happy dance! Capturing your engagement can be so freaking exciting, and you want to share the joy with me.

Starting at $495


If you're wanting a more intimate experience that focuses on the little moments, you're in the right place. Have an excellent experience, that brings excitement + adventure to your wedding day. Photo only with option to add on video.

Starting at $2,595

Christa Schiessl Nebraska Wedding and Storytelling Photographer

We may not be a good fit if...

  • you don't value your wedding photos and the memories that you will create;
  • you can't release perfectionism;
  • you would rather hire a random person that you won't be able to create a connection with;
  • you don't love our editing style;
  • you don't want to live in the "now" on your wedding day;
  • you can't release control and want to DIY everything;
  • hand us a Pinterest board and expect us to get those exact same shots; or
  • you want to forget the important moments from your wedding day.

I get it, and that's OKAY! I know I'm not for everyone, and I want you to find your person too.

we love working with couples who

  • allows us to have creative freedom;
  • want to have your memories displayed in your home proudly;
  • have a vision but allow us to co-create with their vision and trust the process;
  • want to feel at ease on their wedding day;
  • love detail shots;
  • swoon over our editing style;
  • value photography and want to have lasting memories for many years to come;
  • want to feel at ease by their photographer;
  • may think they feel awkward, but they are freaking rockstars;
  • want to find a photographer who can make them feel like a goddess in front of the camera; and
  • want emotional storytelling photographs from their wedding day.

If this sounds like you? then let's do the damn thing! fill out this form below.

“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart & the mind are the true lens of the camera.”