Weddings & Elopements

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I would be honored to tell your story like it's never been told before...

There is something so beautiful about capturing the raw emotions and unique love in a wedding or elopement! To come together, in front of friends and family to celebrate your undeniable love and burning flame is so charming. This is a time, when sparks fly and romance is fueled by the touch of an arm to your sweet embrace. This will be one of the biggest moments that you will do as you commit to one another in front of your closest loved ones. Sealing your commitment with a kiss and the promise of forever.

Through your elopement or wedding session, I will be there to capture your story from beginning to end. From the little moments while you interact together in a natural way, to the details of your hair, the food, the tablescape and your guests. To ensure that all the moments are memorialized in your photographs, from getting ready, to your exchange of vows, the sweet smiles and moments of celebration with your partner, each session is curated to you and your day. In all the busyness that typically comes with getting married, I will capture the moments you want to remember. Despite how you will do everything you can to take in the day and remember the details, some of these moments you may have missed in the moment. It is all these moments that you can look back at each anniversary, and you will have images that you can pass down for generations. My vow to you, is to capture you and all of your loved ones in the finest moments. From a genuine laugh, accompanied by a soft kiss to the cheek. Your photographs should embody the vows that you exchange, and the connection you bring together. 



An elopement starts with the spur of the moment. That moment you profess your love and commit to one another. It is so whimsical, yet powerful. Elopements are great for couples who want to avoid the spotlight and adventure together based on their passion.



I understand that this will be one of the most memorable day in you and your partners life, that you will want to look back on for a lifetime. That's why it is my honor to be apart of your day and to capture your story.


“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart & the mind are the true lens of the camera.”