I hope you've got your dancing shoes on...

In the charming town of Glenwood, Iowa, just a short drive from the bustling city of Omaha, Nebraska, lies the dazzling oasis known as The Fountains Ballroom. This picturesque venue served as the backdrop for a wedding reception that was nothing short of a spectacular celebration of love, joy, and all things vibrant and vivacious.

As guests stepped into The Fountains Ballroom, they were transported to a world of color, excitement, and boundless energy. The room was awash in a kaleidoscope of hues, with bold and colorful roses adorning every corner, creating a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for the festivities.

The centerpiece of the evening was undoubtedly the hot pink checkered dance floor, beckoning guests to kick off their shoes and dance the night away in style. Against the backdrop of shimmering disco balls and twinkling lights, the dance floor came alive with laughter, joy, and the infectious beats of The Downtown Collective Co, whose soulful melodies had everyone on their feet and grooving to the rhythm of love.

Adding to the excitement was the live painting by local artist Humble Hands Juelie Gish, who captured the essence of the celebration with each stroke of her brush. Guests gathered around to watch in awe as she transformed the canvas into a work of art, immortalizing the love and happiness that filled the room.

But the festivities didn't stop there – guests were treated to a culinary extravaganza courtesy of Bar-ish Collective, whose custom charcuterie snacks tantalized taste buds and delighted the senses. From artisanal cheeses to savory meats and gourmet spreads, every bite was a culinary delight, perfectly complementing the evening's festivities.

And let's not forget the specialty drinks crafted by the talented ladies at Bar-ish Collective – from signature cocktails to handcrafted cocktails, there was something for everyone to sip and savor as they toasted to the newlyweds and the journey ahead.

For those with a sweet tooth, Spin – a Cotton Candy Experience – provided a whimsical touch with their hand-spun cotton candy, offering a delightful pairing to the specialty drinks and adding a dash of fun and frivolity to the evening's festivities.

Behind the scenes, the event was expertly coordinated by the dynamic duo of Wallflower Omaha and the Unfolding Events Co, who ensured that every detail was executed flawlessly, allowing the newlyweds to relax and enjoy their special day to the fullest.

As the night came to a close and the stars twinkled overhead, guests bid farewell to the newlyweds, their hearts full of love, laughter, and memories that would last a lifetime. And as they stepped out into the night, they carried with them the magic of a celebration that was truly one-of-a-kind – a vibrant, joyous, and unforgettable ode to love, laughter, and happily ever after.

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Created by yours truly....Christa!

Full Vendor Lineup Here:

Styling & Design | Unfolded Event Rentals

Event Rentals | The Wallflower Omaha

Floral | Bouquet Omaha

Paper Goods and Signage | Nicole Reher Creative

Venue | The Fountains Ballroom

Tabletop | Unfolded Event Rentals, The Wallflower Omaha and bbjlatavola

Live Band | The Downtown Collective Band

Live Painter | Humble Hands by Juelie Gish

Bar | Bar-ish Collective Mobile Bar

Cotton Candy | Spin