Renting is the more sustainable way

Back when I was planning my wedding, there did not seem to be all that many rental companies available, and I was also a DIY bride. I was a young college graduate, with a very small budget. I thought I would be able to save more by doing things myself, but in the long run it ended up costing me about the same. Yes, it's fun to get creative, and be the person in control. Looking back, if I would have known that every little cost was going to add up to about the same as renting, I probably would have rented.

Here's why! Every little run to Hobby Lobby and Michael's seriously added up, even if I had coupons (that's how they trick you into buying more). Also, once my wedding was done and over, who had to take all of my decor home. Me and my family! Yes, I gave many items away to guests, but I was still was left with a boat load of decor that I no longer needed. Many items I tried to sell on marketplace and was super unsuccessful since my decor and design was custom to me.

I absolutely love the idea of having a so much more sustainable option, and let's be honest, many of the vendors offer doing the hard work of setting up the decor and tearing down that way your family can really enjoy the day! I realize sometime the rental price list can be overwhelming, but they have people there to guide you and keep you within your budget so you don't end up spending more than you would have liked. Trust me, to this day, I regret not doing this the more sustainable way. I really felt like I left my family with quite a burden for awhile because they did all the legwork which I am so insanely grateful for! I wish they could have enjoyed the leisure of really soaking in my wedding day rather than having to put them to work.

I understand it can be at times hard to let go of complete control, but trust the experts to create your dreams into a reality. The vendors in our community do a fantastic job in keeping up with the trends, and having an amazing selection to create everything that you've envisioned!

So now you're ready to learn more, here are some local rental vendors I would recommend:

Elite Wedding Rental

AAA Rents & Events Services

Nostalgia Rentals

Love to learn more about the services I offer. Seriously, let's connect! I would love to see if we vibe so send an inquiry here!