How to send a LR catalog to your photo editor

Are you looking into having a photo editor take on the daunting task of editing a gallery for you! Well, you're in the right place. If you're a visual person, check out the YouTube video above.

Step One: Open Catalog and Select the Folder you'd like to send to your photo editor. Select All Photos in the gallery.

Step Two: File > Export Catalog

Step Three: Name the Catalog and where you're saving the LR Catalog to. I recommend saving it into the folder that your RAW photos are saved to, and label catalog. i.e. "Sam + Jason's Wedding 5/24/22" (Don't hit "Export Catalog" just yet!)

Step Four: Make sure that you've selected the box at the bottom "Build/Include Smart Previews". Then click "Export Catalog". In the folder you saved this catalog to, you will see two different folders: The LR Data file and LR Catalog.

Step Five: Send both The LR Data file and LR Catalog via WeTransfer, Dropbox or via email.

I recommend using WeTransfer or DropBox. I personally use WeTransfer. I use it for more than just my editing clients; I also use it for when I'm 2nd shooting or associate shooting for other photographers. Every once in awhile, I need to send a large amount of RAW files over to someone, and this is the quickest and easiest way to do it. I can even give you a discount code if you think that WeTransfer is a service that is right for you! Get $10 off when you sign up for WeTransfer Pro or Premium. Click here for the discount!