Styling for your Session and How I can help

Hey mama, I know you're busy because I have been in your boat! As a mom of three girls, we are constantly juggling our schedule, between sports, orchestra/band, and the never ending to-do list.

While I am very passionate about taking families photographs, it is so incredibly important to understand how to properly style your family to achieve a cohesive and authentic look for your family so you can have the beautiful photos that you are proud to hang in your home. Plus if you're anything like me, you're probably a perfectionist of some sort-doing all the research and pinning all the pins on how to. There may be some emotions that surface as you go about this. So I also want to re-assure you that it's normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning outfits for your family. I want to try to make the planning process simple, easy and convenient for your so you can go about your busy life and enjoy that family while they're young. 🌟 Are you ready to see how I can help you personal style your family for your next photo session, so you can stress less and enjoy the process of getting your photos updated. Let's not forget, that you can raid my client closet – your go-to treasure trove for fantastic photo-ready outfits. Let's make updating your family photos an exciting endeavor!

1. Personal Styling & How it Works

  • Once you're booked, I send a little get to know you questionnaire so I can better understand who is in your family and what you enjoy doing together as a family. This gives me an idea on your family's vibe. At any time leading up to your session, you can send me ideas that of outfits you currently already have, or go through my client closet. (I recommend starting with your outfit first mama). Then we build out the rest of your family's outfits from there, with the kids outfit(s) next, then your hubby's.
  • A big rule of thumb that I follow closely is that you want your family to look as if you're going to the same place (i.e. wedding or church, you usually don't have one of you look like you're headed to the ballfields).
  • After that, you can hop on a zoom call, and we can really refine these outfits so you can feel confident in the outfits you have planned for your sesh.

You'll walk away with a little mood board that we curate together based on outfits you currently have or entirely new pieces (with links on where to purchase them from) to work with so you don't feel lost. I've included a recent mood board that I created for a client below to see what it'll look like!

2. You mentioned Client Closet. What is that?

This closet was built with you in mind. There are photo-worthy outfits that you can use, so you don't have to buy a bunch of whole new outfits for your family. It is also sustainable/eco-friendly because you're re-using rather than buying new. When you book, you'll get to pick out dresses and outfits from here for me to bring to your session as an outfit option. There are various sizes and colors schemes to pick from to help you style for your session. You can check out the client closet here!

3. The Grand Finale: Let's Capture the Fun!

And voila! With our powers combined, we've got you looking like the stars you are! 🌠 When you feel fantastic in what you're wearing, it translates into photos that capture the authentic joy and love in your family.

I know first hand that busy moms are the real superheroes of the family world. I'm here to be your trusty sidekick in the adventure of getting your family photos updated this year. Let's make this experience not just memorable but a whole lot of fun!

So, if you're a mom with a keen eye for style but not the time for outfit hunts, you're in the right place. Let's chat, let's style, and let's make magic with your family photos. Are you ready for your family's style transformation?

For more style, giggles and photo adventures, I'm your mom-tog (getting it? mom-photographer)!

I seriously cannot wait to see you all dolled up and ready to look and feel your best.

With photo-fun and styling sparkles,

Christa Schiessl 📸

Your Family Photo Adventure Buddy 🌟

Styling Board by Christa Schiessl