10/10 would I recommend getting a lash lift vs. getting false lash extensions. Here's why:

Okay story time; this is literally a true story too. While shooting a bridal party one windy day in Nebraska, the brides false eyelashes kept falling off. We tried and tried, to put them back on, until one time, they wound up caught in her veil. She literally felt like between her false lash extension, being over booked at the golf course (yes there were two weddings taking place at the same time), the caterer being an hour behind schedule, and the wind that the Universe just wasn't having it. The entire timeline got pushed back because she had to have someone take her inside to reapply her lashes. Thankfully, we still had groomsmen photos to take so we were not too far off schedule, but let's just say a lot of headache's can be solved by not wearing false lashes. Okay so this wasn't that juicy of a story, but who wants to feel this way on their wedding day! Ya I definitely don't want you to either. Also, this may have been prevented by having a professional there to put the false lash extensions on though. So take this into consideration before you DIY.

On top of getting a lash lift, try laminating and threading your eyebrows. This is a great way to accentuate your eyes, your lashes and your natural beauty. The lamination is supposed to last from 6-8 weeks, so consider getting this done about a week before your wedding so they're fresh, but not SUPER FRESH. I had my eyebrow lamination done by Roe Beauty, you can find her on instagram for more information on her services and booking if you are interested in booking your own session with her.