Lifestyle vs. Posed Newborn Photography

As we gear up for the year to come to an end, which is so hard to believe! Let's talk about Posed Newborn Photography vs. Lifestyle Session. But first, let me just say, I need your help! I want to be able to book as much as I can throughout the winter months, and that includes doing more sessions inside! In order to meet my goal, spread the word if you know an expecting mom, that I am your girl for newborn photos!

Some of you may have also saw at the beginning of this year, I had started construction in my in-home studio! Things have been slow going due to our very busy schedule, illnesses and vacations. This is okay! You cannot build Rome in a day they say! Since the inception of construction of my in-home studio, I had dreams to bring in more in-home lifestyle session feels. This is so exciting to me so I can bring both to the table in one session at one location because I love both so much! In the meantime please hold tight until construction is complete! For now, I offer either posed session in my studio or lifestyle in your home.

As photographed below, Posed Sessions are more of a focus on baby and everything about the little details. The bonus is you get that beautiful creamy lighting that complements their perfectness. Each session is styled and curated like artwork. These images can be printed largely on a giant canvas or three square canvases perfect for any commons area to display in your home so you every day you can be reminded of their splendor. These moments in your life will fly by and you'll never want to forget the details!

Lifestyle Sessions with your newborn on the other hand can require a bit more planning from you. The reason why that is, is because each home is different. The lighting will vary at different times of the day, and you will have homework leading up to your session. We have to consider when planning the time for your session when the light will be perfect in the main rooms that you wish to photograph your lifestyle session in. The more light the better! Usually the nursery, living room, and/or master bedroom are the best rooms to capture your sweet moments with your newest one. it doesn't mean you have to completely clean the entire house. It just means you have to hide the clutter in at least two of the rooms in your home. The beauty of lifestyle sessions is it's okay to let your home look as if it's lived in. Lifestyle sessions are about capturing the connection between baby and family. The love and the affection of having a newborn will be depicted in your photographs.

So which one is for you? I'm afraid there is literally no right or wrong answer! Don't forget to share with friends, family or the random pregnant lady that you see at the store that I am a newborn photographer. Totally kidding on that last part. 

To wrap this up, please enjoy some snaps from Evelyn's newborn session. This mama has gone back to work, so please feel to comment with words of wisdom or an encouraging message to help her with that transition. 

Isn't Evelyn the perfect little babe?

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