Client Closet for the little ones

Coming at you hot off the press. I'm only like six months behind on sharing these cute little pieces with you. I love the fact that my client closet is growing with me! If you have any pieces that you wish to donate because your kiddos have outgrown outfits you've bought in the past for a session, let me know! This is a very time consuming and expensive process for me, but I just love having these options for you! I'm going to keep this pretty simple as far as sizing goes. If you've seen my previous post for the client closet for mama's, I do go a bit more in depth because sizing can be so weird for women. With kids clothes the biggest piece of advice is to make sure they fit well. It always looks goofy when pants are too short or the outfits you chose are swimming on your child. If you see something you'd love for me to bring to our session together, please let me know! Need some advice pairing outfits with another family member, I would love to chat with you about it! And let's not forget about the accessories! Bonnets, socks and shoes are important piece to the puzzle. I have a few tall socks OS for the kiddos.

Need to visit my client closet for mama's? Follow this link!

6-12 months

6 Months



6 Months

18-24 Months

4T Jumpsuit

3-4t red Jumpsuit

3T floral top and burnt brown bottoms

Can be separated for just the bottoms for boys.

3T Linen dress

3T corduroy dress


5t twirl dress


6T Twirl floral