OH shoot!

There are probably a million things going through your head right now as you plan your wedding, and packing an emergency kit is probably on the super low list of your to-do's. I know, I know. The to do list's seem to constantly pile up, but you don't want to show up to your wedding, and forget tampons to find out aunt flow has come. (We are NOT manifesting this!) I would highly recommend consider delegating this to someone in your clan that you consider the "mother" of your group, whether that is a bridesmaid, personal attendant or favorite aunt. People are dying to help you plan your wedding, and this is one thing that they would be ecstatic to help you with!

Here are the Top 12 Things to Pack in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit aka the "Oh Shoot Kit".

1) Tums

2) Tide-To-Go Stick

3) Small Sewing Kit

4) Deodorant

5) Fashion Tape

6) Tylenol/Ibuprofen

7) Band-Aids

8) Corn cushions (to save your heels)

9) Nail file and clippers

10) Toothbrush/Floss

11) Pads/Tampons

12) Small Snacks

So there you have it! Just a few things that I highly encourage having on hand, but the list could go on depending on what you know you need on a daily basis.