Welcome 2021

Needless to say 2020 came in a blindsided the wedding industry, and so many families were impacted by restrictions, family members becoming ill just prior to their wedding or just after their wedding. This left many brides and grooms scared to move forward with their plans. Maybe you're facing new restrictions while planning your wedding, or you ultimately want to be prepared as you plan for your future wedding. Let this blog be a guide on some of the decisions that had to be made revolving around Covid-19 and wedding planning.

There are a few options on how you can move forward, and some additional information on how to make a sound decision if you ultimately have to face these concerns. No matter what your decision is, it will be the right one for you.

Option 1.

Postpone your event entirely. This may be a great option if you haven't already invested in all your vendors yet or maybe the vendors you've already hired are willing to switch your date for you. There are A LOT of moving parts and making sure your vendors are available for your new planned date is important (this is when a wedding planner comes in handy, but more on that for a different blog). Many vendors may also offer partial refunds depending on how much of their services have been rendered, but before asking for a refund, I would check in to see their willingness to change the date first. I mean, you ultimately chose them for a reason and would like them to be a part of your wedding day. I would approach either of these conversations with grace and understand that due to the nature of your request, wedding vendors are a service based industry, and it is entirely up to the business as to whether they offer to switch the date or not. By postponing the date entirely, it may make it harder for a vendor to book a new potential couple depending on when you ultimately make this decision. My guess this hasn't been their first request either, and due to Covid-19 many businesses have already suffered a loss of some sort within the past year. The vendor could be looking at yet another loss if they allow any sort of postponement.

Moving forward, many vendors are requiring cancellation insurance to prevent the vendors from losing the dates you've booked with them because that date could have brought other potential services, however most liability insurance policies do not cover Coronavirus related cancellations.

For more information on Cancellation insurance vs liability insurance please visit the following resources:


NY Times

The Knot

Option 2.

Have the ceremony move forward at a small location on your original date, and move the reception to a later date. This option is typically not the most traditional route, but this is a way to push the envelope and get creative with your plans! Many couples opt for a more intimate backyard wedding, getting married inside a loved one's home, or chose an epic outdoor elopement type setting. For couples who don't like to be in the spotlight, I love this for them because it allows them to have the intimacy they truly desire, all while having a celebration (big or small) at a later date.

Option 3.

Move forward as originally planned this is your decision. Depending on when your date can really matter as to how much needs to be adjusted. I would just make sure you've made a few run throughs of your guest list and prioritize who you want to come to your event, and who is most likely to show up and be there for you!

There you have it. So pray on it, discuss with your partner what option is best for you, and be kind in your requests to your vendors if you make a decision that effects your plans. Just know that whatever option you chose is the sound route for you, and not everyone will make the same decision.