It's no different than saying "yes" to the dress

Having an Event Planner can be so beneficial when planning your wedding! Each planner does things a bit differently and offer a variety of different services. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Cassi Dunbar with Cassandra Mae Events, and she is absolutely amazing! Her passion and heart drives the soul of her event planning services.

I learned a handful of things from her, and needless to say I did not know as much as I should have about Event Planners. Event Planners offers some pretty incredible advice, and services no matter the stage you're at in planning your wedding, they can still be of service to you! Personally, I think having a planner is so valuable, and here's why:

  • Take the stress off of yourself, and let your Wedding Planner worry about the details on your wedding day! This allows you really to soak in every moment of your day!
  • More often than not, there are usually other family members involved in planning your wedding, and want to help you in the process. If your parents or another family member are helping you and your partner fund your wedding, they may have some pretty big opinions and ideas on how you should plan your day. This is great that they want to play such a big role in your wedding, and I am sure they have the best of intentions! However, maybe you've envisioned something a bit differently, an Event Planner can help you navigate through those sometimes tough conversations for you. I was mind blown hearing this! Just reflecting back on my wedding day, this would have been so incredibly valuable to me.
  • Event planners can also help you narrow down the style that you're looking for with mood boards with an easy online platform, which makes communication and planning so simple.

As I said earlier, whether you haven't hired a single vendor for your wedding or found many of your vendors already, you can still hire an Event Planner. Cassandra Mae Events offers a variety of event planning services, from helping you hire other wedding professionals, mood board creating and implementation, decor rentals , all the way to making sure your event runs without a hitch, she's got your back. If you're needing an event planner, I'd encourage you to visit her website at: Cassandra Mae Events and set up a consultation. Happy planning girl!!

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