Let's talk about lifestyle...

Let's talk about lifestyle photography for a moment, and how you can make your home more inviting for lifestyle family photo session.

The big obvious is making sure all toys and clutter are picked up. It should be noted, that your entire house DOES NOT HAVE TO BE CLEANED. You really do not have to work as hard as you think you may. Open up your curtains to allow all the natural light in as possible. If you can, lighter curtains are preferred, however, completely removing your curtains also work if you have blackout curtains.

Before your sesh, watch the light in your house and figure out the best type of day in the room(s) that you'd like to be photographed in. For example, in this session, I photographed my children in my living room. The window was immediately behind the chair my children sat in. This particular window faces the east, which means it gets the most sunlight in the morning.

Add a few plants to add some greenery and texture to your images.

Also, be thoughtful in your room selection. If there’s a bright couch or a funky chair lets photograph your children or family there. Lastly don’t sweat about the details that’s why I’m there. ;)

It's just as easy as that!