creating new life has a new meaning

When I first got pregnant, I was fresh out of college, just married, living rent free, and was living the party girl life. I wasn't ashamed of how quickly my life had to take a 180, but life changed so quickly. My friends stopped hanging out with me because they were moving back home after college, and I really had no motivation during that time to keep connections going. I was in what felt like solitude growing a baby with my new husband. We bought our first house, and moved, I got my first big girl job, because well we really couldn't afford the dr's bills or the baby gear. In a way, I really didn't embrace it or even attempt to enjoy it. It felt like such a disability having to pull the reigns back quite a bit. I couldn't workout because my lungs just were not happy with me and my changing body so I literally gave up on myself. After giving birth to our first girl, I finally understood that all our hard work had paid off, and truly embraced motherhood. What we realized despite how hard pregnancy is, we both wanted more kids. This is coming from someone who really didn't see herself having a too terribly big family.

After getting pregnant with our second daughter, I really just rode the ride of having a toddler at home while being pregnant, and I focused my energy on her. It hadn't even crossed my mind that there could be complications or anything of that nature. Thankfully, she was perfect in every single way without any complications.

But ladies, I am here to tell you how important it is to document these times. I know you may feel as big as a house, or your feet are always swollen, or you have no energy or just feel like poo, but let me tell you how worth it is to have documented this time. Take it from me, I really didn't document much of this time nor did I take the time to savor the moment because I was very self conscious about all the changes. Every moment of this stage is much more than you pouring your love and energy into growing your family. Be kind to yourself, and take the time to hire a photographer to capture these blessings in life.