Steps to planning your family photos

So you chose me to serve you for your family photos? Awesome, I am beyond super excited to serve you, and I cannot wait to see what we can make together!

Let me tell you, even if you haven't updated your family photos in YEARS or you get them done every month! I am here to serve you! Most clients book their family session approximately one to two months out in the spring months, and approximately two to three months in advance in the fall! If you're late to the game, don't let this post steer you away, because I do leave some buffer room! 

But the planning period can take some time, if you're needing styling advice or if you're wanting to chose from my client closet! After you've paid the retainer and we've set a session date, that is when the planning begins!

Typically the first thing we sort out is location! LOCATION, LOCATION LOCATION! I have a whole slew of recommendations depending on the time year you schedule your family session for.

Initially, we may not set a time to your family photo session until closer to your session date, but we will have a time of day set so you can still plan around the session. One of my first questions to you may be, are you a morning family or an evening family? This may be nearly an impossibly question because being a morning person is HARD! What I mean is, are your kids up early, and go to bed early or, do they wake up early, and go to bed late? As much as I would love to only shoot in the evenings, depending on the time of year, it could be really, REALLY late for your kiddos. Sessions closer to the summer months may run past 8pm. No one wants to listen to crabby children, especially if it's preventable!

So whether you want me to take complete control, or if you would rather be more in control of your outfit selection, that is fine by me! I can have as much control as you want me to! I typically send you a questionnaire to help me plan your session. My client closet is always expanding! Currently, my client closet includes this beautiful dress by We are Reclamation, which is perfect for clients with or without bumps! I just ask you bring wedges (if you are shorter), or flats to your session. I also have other Women's maxi dresses (various sizes). For the kiddos, I have various rompers, dresses for ages 18 months to 5T. I currently do not carry men's clothing in my client closet, but I would be happy to send you my recommendations of what your handsome man should wear. 

Typically you will bring your own footwear for you and your family, but if I know your child may fit into footwear that I have, I will throw in a pair of moccasins or two. If there are any props, i.e. hats, guitar, etc, that would make your session better define you and your family, BRING IT! We can talk about how to incorporate it into your session!

Typically, I will meet you a little early at the location of your session with the clothing that I have selected for your session. Be ready to change clothes in the car or at a nearby restroom.