You may be wondering

You may be wondering why it's in it for you to hire a photo and video team. Inside this blog, we're going to uncover the why, but also unveil something that may not be common knowledge to most.

Here's a few top reason's why hiring a team is beneficial to you and your budget:

  1. Many couples have separate budgets for photo and video. In some circumstances combining the two budgets can really get you the best bang for your buck. Plus we'll get you a nice little discount for booking both! Who doesn't love a good discount.
  2. Hiring a team, you will get similar editing style, stream lining the over all look that you desire.
  3. It's like that cheesy saying go, that there's no I in team. While most industry leading wedding vendors are professional and work together, whether or not they're from the same company, there can be some vendors out there that don't view photographers and videographers as a team.
  4. When a photographer and videographer work closely together often, it can make their flow throughout the day seamless, and much more efficient. Keeping your busy day, on time or at least in a natural flow.
  5. One less vendor that you need to involve in client communication. Let us handle communication to our team to ensure it's one less thing that you've got to handle. Because let's be honest, your time is money.

Which is why we are thrilled to offer several videography services ranging from different skill sets and budgets. So if you have a lower videography budget and photo is your priority, we are able to offer to you a videographer who is new and thriving in the wedding industry. On the flip side, if videography is a high priority to you, we have a team of videographers who can crank out a same day wedding video to have shared at your reception. I mean come on! Talk about bringing on the tears and don't forget to pack the tissues for a wedding film that will leave your guests raving. So when you inquire, please make sure to include your designated budget for each, so we can get an idea what is your priority (or maybe both are!) In which case, you know where to find us! Go ahead and fill out the inquiry form on our main page! We'd love to hear from ya!