You're engaged! Here is some guidance for you:

So it's engagement season, and there are a ton of couples who will be planning their first wedding in 2022. What are a few things to do first before picking a photographer?

1. Set a date.

2. Find your venue.

3. Sit down and determine what is your photo budget?

4. Will you also be adding video? If so set a budget for that too.

5. Find a theme for your wedding: boho, western, boho-western, farmhouse, modern, classic (the list goes on and on).

6. Determine the style of photography you're most attracted to: Light/airy, Bold/True to Color, Moody, Vintage, Filmy inspired etc.

It's so important for you to pick a photographer based on the work they display because if there is something you're not a fan of, it's likely you'll be unhappy with the final product. Not to mention, it is extremely upsetting for you to slap on your own preset to your wedding photos after your photographer has spent 10+ hours editing your wedding gallery or to ask your photographer to change their editing style for you. You hired your photographer because of the work they displayed, and they more than likely will not change their style of editing. For those of you who have done this before to your photographer, we forgive you.

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