Let's have some fun!

Hey girl! So you're planning your engagement session! So fun! Let's make it personal to you and your boo. Think about your first kiss, or your first date. Where were you? A coffee shop, the movies, or out for dinner. What makes your love totally special? Secretly meeting at the library stacks while your girl friends were studying. Or maybe you love to cook in the kitchen. It would be so romantic to have your session at any of these fun locations! I would totally recommend incorporating these special places into your engagements session. So let's go to that coffee shop, go to that fast food restaurant, the library stacks or your kitchen.

As far as what to wear, for the more causal moments, dress for your comfort--jeans with a crop top and button up shirt wrapped around your waist. You want to make sure your fiancé is dressed as if you're going to the same place.

For a full engagement session, we will have time to go to two locations, which usually means you can plan for two outfits. This means you need to be prepared to change in the car. Your second outfit can be more formal. I also recommend dressing for the season. So if it's spring time, a mid-length flowy dress with a pop of color. When we're talking about how to dress your fiancé, I recommend focusing on earthy tones, colors that complement what you're wearing (complementary colors), or contrasting black and whites are best. For more inspiration, check out this Pinterest board!

I recommend shopping at Roolee, Baltic Born, Joyfolie, Ash & Ash Co., Four Sisters Boutique, and Edge! I threw in a few good local shops for you in case you're wanting to support locally! If you have any other recommends, feel free to let me know so I can add them to my list!

So have at it sister! Need more help, feel free to shoot me a message, and I can personally help you style for your upcoming session.

Nebraska Engaged Couple