The fun, wild and adventurous you, wants to honor that part of you as you plan for your wedding, and that's so cool! Maybe you and your future love the outdoors, and you know you want an intimate space to say your "I do's". If you're in the Lincoln or Omaha area, I would highly recommend that you take the time to drive out to Lilac Hills in Louisville, NE. It is a scenic route just off of I-80 exit by Mahoney State Park. Maybe a 45 minute drive from Lincoln, and less than a 30 minute drive from West Omaha. Lilac Hills was built on several acres of land, and is the perfect site to plan your Outdoor Ceremony. Like guys, it's GORGEOUS!

The New Barn has a Modern feel to it, that truly sets the vibe for an elegant experience, and a great place to host your reception at! No need to have your guests drive to multiple locations, everything can be held in one central location in the country. Not to mention, their barn can host up to 250 people! For those of you who are planning a sparkler exit or a dance under the stars, yeah girl! This is the right space for you!!

There is something about being outdoors in that moment, listening to the birds, and hearing the leaves rustle. That moment right there could be exactly where you'll be exchanging your vows with your future significant other. 

From a photographers perspective, I haven’t even told you the best part! Lilac Hills  has a TON of shady spots that are perfect even if we’re photography your ceremony during the harshest of sun (this helps so light evenly hits faces), trust me! On top of it all, as a Natural Light Photographer, aka a lover of the light, there are so many beautiful places to adventure out to on the acreage to capture just the two of you or your whole party, and let’s not forget about awesome sunset photos! This is a must! 

So if you're on the fence about it, just schedule a tour to see for yourself! If you're in need of a Wedding Photographer, and want someone who is outdoorsy, I am your gal! Please don't hesitate to send an inquiry to check to see if your date is still available. As you can imagine, due to COVID reschedules, many photographers and venues are booking up super fast. So what are you waiting for girl! Let's go!

These photos below were taken in the Spring time just before full bloom at Lilac Hills. As you can imagine this place really will pop with color come May!

Edited to add: For all you fall girls, here are some fall vibes at Lilac Hills. There are quite a few hidden treasures at Lilac Hills like the swing, the outdoor ceremony site the Old Barn, and many other locations that can give you plenty of variety for your wedding day photos without ever having to leave the acreage. Check it out!