hello Spring!

Wow, okay this has been a crazy busy start to my Spring 2019! 

Being a photographer is so challenging to find a work/life balance. Time management has been key! With that said, I'm so excited that I'll be photography at a Styled Shoot at the end of April, and it's less than a week away!

I will be working with other vendors; florist's, makeup artists and videographers! I have a few new techniques that I am super excited to try, which include a small bit of video!! No I am not ready to try it on my own clients yet!! This means I need to get on top of clearing up space to hold larger files! Low and behold this weekend will be the first bout of Spring cleaning! On top of celebrating the last Easter celebration (I know Easter has past), a birthday dinner with the family, soccer game, fitness class, editing and uploading galleries! I think come Monday, you'll see my head rolling off. Did I also mention we're renovating my studio? Well, I also took on the dumb task of changing out door knobs and door hinges Easter Morning that I never finished. Who wants to help me finish that task? Oh, I am ashamed to say this, but also my laundry also went unfinished too... Send help!

So this all may be too much, but if you've stopped listening here's some beautiful work from a rustic wedding I shot at a venue similar to where I'll be photographing/video'ing on Sunday here in Lincoln!

Venue: Creekside Barn Roca Nebraska