Timeline planning is crucial

Having a good solid timeline is crucial to making your wedding day go off without a hitch! Don't get me wrong, there are always those Aunts who run behind or Uncle Jerry who is busy making small talk with everyone in the wedding party who can make your schedule go off track. But having a timeline can help provide structure for your family, bridal party and vendors so we can knock out photos efficiently so you can rest before your ceremony and enjoy the night! Yeah!? Who doesn't want that?

There are a few things that go into timeline planning that I like to ask ahead of time before I begin timeline planning for your wedding.

  1. Will you be having a first look?
  2. How large are your families?
  3. How many people are in your bridal party?

These are three determine factors that help me carve out the right amount of time for Family Photos, Bridal Party Photos and Bride/Groom Portraits. Ultimately, if you decide to have a first look (which I absolutely advocate for if you're on the fence about it), majority of the photos will take place prior to the ceremony. Here's why? We can be super efficient with our time if we begin these photos before the ceremony, and we also don't have to make your guests wait an excessive amount of time for your to arrive at the reception.

Although, if you skip a first look, and would like to hold majority of the photos until after the ceremony, I encourage you to have a bit of a break between the reception and ceremony. So guests can either go home or back to their hotel room to freshen up and relax, or have a cocktail hour prior to your arrival at the reception to buy you some time. Family Photos, Bridal Party Photos and Bridal Portraits can take anywhere to 2-3 hours depending on how large your family is and how many people are in your bridal party. Doing it this way, also may make you feel rushed and just over getting your photos taken because you're more excited to go to the reception. Ultimately you made end up needing more than hours worth of wedding photography coverage if you venture down this route. I'll share with you example timelines down below!

Wedding Day Timeline Templates
Wedding Day Timeline Templates
Wedding Day Timeline Templates

So as you can see, these are two very different timelines. For the most part, there is some structure, with having a first look, and the day won't be so broken up. Again, it is totally your call as to whether or not you decide to have a first look or not. Keeping photographer informed of your decision, is super vital in planning your timeline, which is why I'm here to help you! Every couple is different, and your timeline may not look exactly the same as these two timelines. Keeping an open mind as you navigate timeline planning is super beneficially too! Also, let's not forget about trust the professionals you've hired.

Typically, I recommend to schedule your timeline planning call with me approximately 45 days out from your wedding day. Why? Well, a lot can change in six months to a year, and I'd hate for us to redo all our hard work. Trust me, I know how excited you are to plan it! If you are the type of person that having a rough draft will help you because you're a type A person, that is totally okay! Having a rough draft will not harm anyone. Just hold onto it until then, and we can tweak it and refine it if need be.

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